Love And Violence


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released October 17, 2014



all rights reserved


SHORT LIVED Joliet, Illinois


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Track Name: All Out War
Hatred, rising tide. Putrid, Weakened state.
We all suffer.

Angry at the world, angry at you, angry at myself.
Fed on the lies, leave me at the ledge to die.

Weak bones riddled by weaker words.
That hold weight in the arms of the suffering.
You suffer. We suffer.

Hatred. This tide rises, and we all suffer.

I'll bite back with the weight of their pain, inflicted by you who sever skin

This is war

Bring you down to the bottom where you left us
Break your teeth on the steel.

This is all out war.
Track Name: Cold Sun
Can't keep warm anymore, the sun is dead
I am the bitter wind, the son is dead.

Foreign scripture, can't help but feel absent
I'm sorry mother, I don't know your father
And I fail you.

I fail you.

What good is a sun with no warmth,
and what good is a son with no faith?
God won't hold me anymore, foreign skies forevermore

No warmth, no faith.
Track Name: Constance
You spill your past onto me, laid out your future with a burdened hand
The pain in your voice, deafening.
And I can't help but think, "am I at fault?"

Helplessness drifts as I reach for you
To bring you out of the fire
You are my burning desire.

Stay with me, will you still shine bright?
Stay with me, will the passion come crashing?

And how ironic it is that your name shares that with a season where everything fades
You brought me back to life, I needed to be saved.
This time last year the color was draining from my eyes
You saved me.

Am I rewriting your book?
Will we look back on these chapters?
Will you still smile like you do today?

Watch me bloom. Flourish with me.
I will watch you shine brighter than entire cities
Watch my self doubt drift away, as you're carried far from this place
Far from here.

Welcome home.
Track Name: Phobia
Spit the venom,
Weaken the victim
Hate bleeds out into the cracked streets,
I can't believe the words you spill,
You make others violently ill

Love is Love
This isn't your life
Love is Love
said and done.

Shove the hate back down your throat.

Ignorance will not be tolerated.
Track Name: Collapsed Lung
Shimmering sunsets
Make me gag on my own failure
Glistening streams of blue
Can't enjoy a drop anymore.

Slept through my drowning
Didn't seem worth waking up for
Figured I got what was coming to me
We all deserve what we got comin'
And it will devour our fucking skulls
Man this life is so goddamn dull
So I ate my heart as it slipped through my hands.

Cut up my brains and smear them on pavement.

Water in my lungs
What took you so long
Water in my lungs
I'm swimming in the beauty of death.

I'm swept away by the current
Loosen your grasp on me.

I'm gone.
Track Name: Fear
Don't leave me here
I've never been too good at this
Shaking from the thought.
Being calm is something I've learned to miss
And being me is something I've never been.

I have a void inside, it's where I feel at home
Where I'll run and hide from the weight too immense to carry.

No harmony in this place.
No light, only fear.
Standing alone in a crowded place
More hollow than I once appeared,

Live in fear.

Fight it off. Burn it down. Mourn it all.

Rock bottom, welcome me home.

The colors become dimmer, the sights less memorable
And the faces, so dull and cold.
Watch me fade.